Sandler specializes in helping companies where the owner or chief executive is still involved with sales in the organization, either selling directly or just overseeing the sales team.

Typically when owners or chief executives call us they say they have a great team in place and plenty of clients already, but they want to grow their business and are feeling:

•         Frustrated with their closing ratio

•         Uncertain that their current sales strategy is the right one

•         Disappointed with their customer satisfaction scores

•         Concerned that they might not have the right people on their bus to grow their business

•         Tired of requests to lower their price in order to win business

•         Worried that they aren’t in front of enough new prospects regularly

If you care about any of those or you have another sales or management challenge that you are committed to solving, call Hamish Knox today to figure out if Sandler is a good fit for your company.

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Phone #:  403-457-1507